Open Source HTML5 Media Player with Playlists

The Open Standard Media (OSM) Player is an open source  media player that  you can use on your websites free of charge. It allows you to dynamically deliver any type of web media, including HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flash.  Built by Alethia,  Inc. and offered by Media Front, it is a nice alternative to flash-only players like JW player and FlowPlayer.  Additionally, if you use the Drupal CMS, they offer a full media management plugin that integrates the OSM  Player without writing any code.


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Quick Tip: Web Video Dimensions

Web Video Dimensions

Deciding on the right video dimensions to use for the web can be difficult.  Unfortunately, there is not a one fits all size because it depends largely on your target audience.  Usually, your best bet is to offer multiple sizes to ensure your video works for most of your website’s visitors.  Now that devices like the iPhone and iPod are gaining in popularity, you may want  to also offer a compatible size for these devices as well.  To make things even more complicated, your video sizes should be evenly divisible by 16 to ensure the best possible output.

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HTML 5 Video: Are We There Yet?


Let me start by saying that the HTML 5 video tag is one of the most over-hyped and  misunderstood buzzwords to hit the intertubes in a long time.

Is it a potentially game-changing technology? For sure.

Does it signal the end of flash? I don’t think so.

Do you need to quickly redesign your video-heavy website?  Hold on!

But the real question for HTML 5 Video in 2010 is “Are we there yet?”  and the answer is “Not quite.”

The idea of being able to embed video on websites without plugins has set the web a buzz with outrageous claims of Flash’s demise, true streaming without special server software, and other misconceptions. The truth is  that a lack of widespread  browser support for video codecs and the fact that Internet Explorer doesn’t even support the video tag at all means the technology has a long way to go before it is mainstream.  Don’t get me wrong, seeing that awesome Jilion Sublime Video player demo ( gets me excited about it too.  Even big sites like Hulu, YouTube and Vimeo have introduced new HTML5-based video players.  Part of the excitement is that Flash has dominated the online video player market for a long time without much competition.  The latest generation of mobile video devices  like the iPad and iPhone, that do not support Flash, has left content providers scrambling to find compatible methods for delivery.

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MediaCore Free Video Content Management System


MediaCore is a  free open source video CMS and podcast platform that you can install on your own server.   With a slick, web 2.0-ish look and  feel, the UI is well polished and the application supports all the features you would expect including browsing, search, video and  audio upload, comments and moderation, tags and more.  Not only can you upload videos, but MediaCore also supports YouTube videos as well.  For audio and video syndication, you can have unlimited  episodes with both Feedburner RSS and iTunes support.


My only real complaint  is that it is programmed  in Python (as opposed to PHP which powers WordPress and many other open source software) which may turn away less technical users and those on shared hosting accounts without Python support.  With that said, this is by far one of the best designed open source applications I have seen and a great tool to syndicate video on the web.


If you produce audio or video show for the web or need  a easy way to showcase  videos for  your company website or intranet, you should check out MediaCore today.

Learn more, view a demo and download MediaCore at:

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HD Video Experiences on the Web

In this Adobe Max 2009 presentation, video expert Robert Reinhardt discusses the tools and techniques used to deliver compelling HD video experiences on the web. Topics covered include how to leverage the Adobe Flash platform, HD video encoding considerations, and examples of websites that are using HD video effectively. Anyone interested in delivering HD video on the web will benefit from this presentation.

Watch the presentation on the Adobe Max website

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